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Business portrait, fotózás, üzleti fotózás, photoshoot

Almost everyone has at least one social media account in this digital era. Some people even have their own website.

What is the one thing these pages have in common?  Its the first thing our visitors see; our profile picture. If we are not going to meet personally, our profile picture will make the first impression. It is well-known fact that a first impression is very important.

These days it is common practice for companies to de a background checks of their prospective partner and employees on social media.
Many head hunters are looking for professionals on LinkedIn. What's the first thing they will see?


Our profile picture!

business portrait, üzleti portré, photoshoot, fotózás

Invest in your future!

When you are looking for a job, a quality profile picture can help you get your dream job. So having a fresh business profile picture can quickly become an exceptionally good investment.


A good photo shows confidence to our visitors, and this can often open doors for us. ​If you are an business person, artist or job hunter who is aware of the importance of creating your own personal brand, then you know that these business portrait could be the one that separates you from the crowd and help you succeed in your area.


No business executive can afford to have poor quality, outdated profile picture. This may give your business partners a wrong impression fo you.

A good photo can boost our self-esteem and self-confidence to new, previously unseen heights. A great portrait is beneficial for both professional and/or private life.

Are you ready to take your personal brand to the next level?

Classic and creative business portraits

Whether you prefer classic or more modern, creative business portraits, I am prepared to set up the photoshoot even at your office location.

Contact me for further information.

business portrait, üzleti portré, photoshoot, fotózás

Business portrait  - packages

Business portrait - for companies

Business, portrait, business portrait, üzleti fotózás

Company portrait photoshoot

  • Business portrait photoshoot for all employees

  • On location photoshoot is available

  • 10-15 minutes photoshoot per person

  • Professional Make Up Artist optionally

  • Flexibility, maximum attantion to small details

  • High quality pictures

  • Short delivery time


This package is fully customizable to the smallest details. The final price can be calculated once all the customers requirements have been taken into consideration.

Contact me for a custom package price.

Business, portrait, business portrait, üzleti fotózás
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