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Fitness, photoshoot, fotózás, black and white, art

Fitness is part of our everyday's life. There are countless reasons to start fitness. We can do it to lose or gain weight, or simply to keep fit and be in good shape.

Whatever motivates us, a professional photo shoot gives everyone extra confidence and confirmation that they are on the right track.

If you think the moment has come and you want to capture your best form and with a great photoshoot, contact me.

photo, fitness, photoshoot


If you just steped into the world  of fitness and want to capture your current state.

Fitness, photoshoot, fotózás, art, női, female


If you feel like you are at the top right now and you want to capture this in a dignified way.

Black and white, photo, photoshoot, fitness, férfi, male

Personal trainers

If you want to  boost your business with new professional photos.

2009_Landl Brigi - Pince fitness-052-Edit-2.jpg

The fitness photoshoot can take place in a studio, outdoors or even in a gym, depending on the package you choose. In case if you prefer gym, please be aware it may cost extra, which is not included in the package price.


Classic fitness poses and artistic fitness poses settings can also be requested during the photo shoot. The final photos shall be ready after a couple of days after the photoshoot. It is the time, when to select from these beautiful photos the ones you absolutely love!
Since the post processing is an absolute essential part of my workflow - to make these beautiful photos really shine - please be aware that I do not give out raw, unedited photos.

Should you have any questions about the photoshoot, or if you have a special idea you would like to shoot, contact me and discuss it.

Join me and let's make your own fitness photoshoot together!

Basic package

  • 1 hour photoshoot in studio

  • 1 set of clothing

  • 5 pcs post-processed, digital images of your choice

  • each additional picture is 8,000 ft

69.990 Ft

Medium package

  • 1.5 hours of photoshoot in studio or outdoors

  • 2 sets of clothing

  • 10 pcs post-processed digital images of you choice 

  • each additional image is 6,000 ft

99.990 Ft

Premium package

  • 2 hours photoshoot in a studio or outdoors or in a gym*

  • 3 sets of clothing

  • 15 pcs post-processed digital images of you choice

  • each additional image is 5,000 ft

119.990 Ft

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