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Premium portrait - what's this?

Premium portrait session for those who only settle for the best. Where you are in the focus of attention. 

Where professional make up artist and hair stylist bring out your inner beauty and I will capture the beautiful goddess that is meant to be seen.

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Ahh. I'm not fotogenic!

There's no such thing as being fotogenic. It's not a gift that you were born with. In fact it is really how comfortable you are in front of my camera, and it is my job to make it happen.

My goal is to take photographs of you that makes you say: Wow, I need to have them all.

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Do I really need this?

Every woman needs beauitful portrait of herself. One day your children will grow up, and will look for photographs of you.  What will they find?

I invite you to a personal session with me, which will change the way you see yourself.

Before - after photos

Professional make-up artist and hair stylist will prepare you for the portrait session,  making you look and feel beautiful.

 Here is a gallery of before after photos.

Contemporary portrait, glamour, boudoir  

Premium Portraits - Luxury photobox

I believe that the essence of a photoshoot are the prints. Every print has its own history. Prints that can be touched, framed and hung on the wall.

Therefore, at the end of a premium portrait session the selected photos will be printed and handed over in a beautiful, hand crafted, exclusive photo box, which is an elegant way of storing our beautiful memories.

Contact me for more information or booking!

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